Join me for a fun, hands-on learning adventure featuring live exotic animals for birthdays, classrooms, festivals and more! I provide a one hour presentation, indoors, in a “story time” type setting. A semi-circle of chairs works great and I present one of 7 animals at a time and teach about their natural history, behaviors, habitats and why I have them. Most of my animals are rescued, unwanted or unwarranted small exotic pets. My presentation is fun, educational and responsible. I teach about what makes a good pet and a good pet owner. While I am not against all animals as pets, I definitely preach and teach against some, in a lighthearted, sometimes comedic attitude.

The presentation is not a lecture, it is a give and take, question and answer session in which I ask the kids lots of questions to pull out what they already know. This sometimes impresses the adults that are watching! I truly appreciate that there not be any background activity that might provide a distraction. I can control most any group of kids within reason, but with distractions or when adults don’t pay attention, the kids will soon follow.

Please Note: Group size for an Animal Presentation is limited to 20 kids per presentation for kids who are age 3 or less. For kids older than 3, group size for the Animal Presentation Only is limited to 30. A maximum of 4 presentations can be scheduled for one day.

~ Animal Presentation ~

The “ANIMAL PRESENTATION” includes one hour of “EDUtainment” by Nonie and 7 animals. Parrot, turtle, toad, tarantula, hissing cockroach, snake and one of the mammals. Special requests for certain animals may be made, but not guaranteed.

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~ Fun (optional) items can be added to your Party ~

Fun CakeFun Cake – The FUN CAKE includes a crumbled chocolate cake and “worm” for each guest. For those who want to participate, the cake becomes a treat and a game as kids race and pretend to be worm-eating birds. The game is to see who will eat their realistic looking gummy worm the fastest, but there is a surprise before the race begins… thunder, lightning and…. “rain” (chocolate pudding) makes MUD! The kids bury their face in the mud and whoever finishes their worm the fastest is the winner. Spoons are offered to less enthused guests.
Party Favor Bug Boxes Filled with Goodies at Animal PartiesParty Favor Bug Boxes Filled with Goodies!
Safari Helmets at Animal PartiesSafari Helmets
I Ate A Bug Club Button – The birthday child is awarded the ‘I Ate A Bug Button’ if they choose to eat a REAL chocolate-covered cricket.
Game LeaderGame Leader – Includes a variety of games and prizes where the children will interact with each other as animals and learn their importance to the environment. ‘Oh Deer! Where’s My Baby? Jungle Bingo’, ‘Guessing Bag, Predator, Prey!’ and many more…

~ Adventure Kits ~

Purchase an “Adventure Kit” from the site using the Buy Online Now link below. An Adventure Kit includes a bug box full of goodies, safari hat full of goodies & a chocolate covered cricket with an “I Ate A Bug” button! Take a look at all the goodies – how fun would this be while in isolation, over a quiet weekend or after school!

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