Join me for a fun, hands-on learning adventure featuring live exotic animals for birthdays, classrooms, festivals and more! I provide a one hour presentation, indoors, in a “story time” type setting. A semi-circle of chairs works great and I present one of 7 animals at a time and teach about their natural history, behaviors, habitats and why I have them. Most of my animals are rescued, unwanted or unwarranted small exotic pets. My presentation is fun, educational and responsible. I teach about what makes a good pet and a good pet owner. While I am not against all animals as pets, I definitely preach and teach against some, in a lighthearted, sometimes comedic attitude.

The presentation is not a lecture, it is a give and take, question and answer session in which I ask the kids lots of questions to pull out what they already know. This sometimes impresses the adults that are watching! I truly appreciate that there not be any background activity that might provide a distraction. I can control most any group of kids within reason, but with distractions or when adults don’t pay attention, the kids will soon follow.

Please Note: Group size for an Animal Presentation is limited to 20 kids per presentation for kids who are age 3 or less. For kids older than 3, group size for the Animal Presentation Only is limited to 30. A maximum of 4 presentations can be scheduled for one day.

~ Animal Presentation ~

The “ANIMAL PRESENTATION” includes one hour of “EDUtainment” by Nonie and 7 animals. Parrot, turtle, toad, tarantula, hissing cockroach, snake and one of the mammals. Special requests for certain animals may be made, but not guaranteed.
  • Fred & Ethel the Hissing Cockroaches
  • Carmen the Tarantula
  • Curly the Ball Python
  • Walter the Chinchilla
  • Jack “in the” Box Turtle
  • Leakanardo the Cane Toad
  • Sugar Smack the Sugar Glider
  • Jolly the Parrot
  • Boss the Hognose Snake
  • Kiwi the Cockatoo
  • *Stella the Skunk
  • *Moki the Kinkajou
  • Smokey the Ferret

*These Animals Require Special Needs and are an Additional Fee

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