1992 – 1994
Santa Fe Community College
Gainesville, FL
Area of Study: Zoo Animal Technology

Work Experience:

1999 March – September
Gulf Breeze, FL
Zoo Camp Coordinator

  • Designed and taught wildlife programs for elementary children.

1995 – 1999
The Focus Center Museum
Ft. Walton Beach, FL

  • Designed and taught wildlife programs for elementary children.

1997 / Summer
Tops’l Beach Resort Destin, FL
Recreation Aide

  • Designed and taught courses that involved animals and children for summer camp.

1995 / May – December
YMCA Fun Club
Ft. Walton Beach, FL
Nature Studies Director

  • Designed and taught nature studies course for summer camp.

1995 – 1996
Gulfarium Marine Park
Ft. Walton Beach, FL
Animal Trainer Assistant

  • Assisted with training of Cetaceans, Pinnipeds and Mustelidae for public programs. Duties included: feeding, cleaning and medicating.

1993 – 1995
Lubee Foundation
Gainesville, FL
Bat Keeper

  • Care of five species of Megachiroptera. Duties included cleaning, diet, enrichment and construction or repair of enclosures.
  • Assisted biologists and veterinarians in non-invasive scientific research. Handling, restraint and tagging of bats and primates.
  • Actively participated in a national study on nectar feeding as a source of dietary enrichment in captive environments.

1992 – 1994
Santa Fe Community College
Gainesville, FL
Student Zookeeper

  • Daily instruction about management of exotic animals including:
  • Hoofstock, birds, primates, reptiles and amphibians. Assisted veterinarians in weekly examinations, quarantine care and preventative medicine.
  • Other duties included; cleaning, diet preparation, record keeping, lab work, design and construction of enclosures and public education.

1991 – 1992
Great Explorations Museum
St. Petersburg, FL
Reptile Keeper

  • Preparing exhibits and animals for educational public programs.

1991 / Summer
Busch Gardens Zoological Park
Tampa, FL
Nursery Zookeeper

  • Daily management of animals in nursery and off-display quarantine. Species include Lemurs, birds of prey, various Hoofstock and pigs.
Career Summary:
  • Designed and Taught Wildlife programs for several institutions.
  • Established my own business called “Nonie’s Ark” in which I educate children with a hands-on live animal program.
  • Worked with animals from all realms of the animal kingdom.
Professional Memberships:
  • Bat Conservation International
  • American Association of Zookeepers
  • American Zoo and Aquarium Association
  • Project Wild, Project Learning Tree, Project Wet
  • Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission Licensee to sell or exhibit wildlife
  • Nectar Feeding as an enrichment technique with Island Flying Foxes Animal Keepers Forum, January 1997