Crew mates of this Ark include unwanted pets adopted by Nonie, Wildlife Educator in the Florida Panhandle. I present one of 7 LIVE animals at a time and teach about their natural history, behaviors, habitats and why I have them. Most of my animals are rescued, unwanted or unwarranted small exotic pets. My presentation is fun, educational and responsible. I teach about what makes a good pet and a good pet owner. While I am not against all animals as pets, I definitely preach and teach against some, in a lighthearted, comedic attitude. My message emphasizes that pets are a lifelong responsibility and should not be an impulse buy. Just because something is cute and for sale, it doesn’t mean it is going to be a good pet for your family.

My typical crew mates are: parrot, turtle, tarantula, toad, hissing cockroaches, snake and one mammal. You can request particular animals, but I cannot guarantee they will be available. Some travel better on longer days if I have multiple presentations in a day. If you are a repeat customer, I can certainly plan to bring alternative critters than you’d have seen before.