Hi! It’s Nonie! Thank you for taking the time to read about the exciting things Nonie’s Ark Animal Encounters has to offer.

Have you ever heard of an “edutainer”?  That’s what I am, an Educator and an Entertainer.

If you love animals and like to be up close and personal with them, then this is the party for YOU! Even if it’s not your birthday. I can bring my animals to you wherever you are, whoever you are, any age.

My program is FUN, EDUCATIONAL, AND HANDS-ON. That means you can touch! I present a zoo type show with live animals, at your home or other location where animals are permitted.

I can also hostess your birthday party. I will decorate, lead games, bring prizes, and even bake the cake!

I have an extensive background in Zoo Animal Technology and Education. I have a dream to have a zoo of my own, but I have to start somewhere, so I created Nonie’s Ark to bring my dreams to others.

Children's Birthday Parties
Parties with Animals
Fun for Adults too!